Party Balloon Garland Kit - Burgundy + Gold
Party Balloon Garland Kit - Burgundy + Gold

Party Balloon Garland Kit - Burgundy + Gold

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Balloon garlands are super popular party decor right now for engagement parties, bridal events, birthdays or new babies-to-be.

Go all-out for your next party with our DIY balloon garland kit. It may look intimidating, but our easy party hack makes it a cinch to create this party decoration. Get it done in under an hour—it’s that simple!

Everything is included in this pack for a whimsical burgundy and gold garland:

55pcs of Burgundy Balloons 
6pcs of Gold Confetti Balloons
1pc Extra Large Peach Balloon 
60pcs of Peach Balloons
1pc Balloon Chain
1pc Balloon Glue
1pc Balloon Pump
Instruction Card

Flower Walls Tasmania - Balloon Garland DIY Kit


Simple Steps to Create your very own balloon garland

  1. Inflate your balloons. Either blow them up yourself or use a handheld air pump
  2. Cut a length of the balloon tape to suit the space for the garland
  3. Attach the balloons onto the long piece of balloon tape, sliding each one into the hole on the tape 
  4. Alternate balloon colors and sizes
  5. Hang the garland and add in flowers, embellishments or whatever extras you like - perfect!